Posters Presentation

Students and Post-docs are required to present a poster of their work. There will be two dedicated sessions during the school week (Sunday and Monday).

SESSION 1 (Sunday 30 September 2012)

Tentative Title First Name Last Name Session
MARA, a new device for proton dripline studies Kalle Auranen 1st
High precision beta decay measurement Haïfa Bouzomita 1st
POLAREX : Study of POLARized EXotic nuclei Asenath Etile 1st
Nuclear structure around the doubly magic core of 132Sn Guillaume GEY 1st
Lifetime measurement of 2+ state in 108Te and B(E2;0+gs->2+) systematics of Sn and Te isotopes in the light Sn region Farnaz Ghazi Moradi 1st
Shapes and lifetime measurements in neutron rich A~100 fission fragments Lucie Grente 1st
Study of shape transitions in the neutron-rich Os isotopes Philipp Rudolf John 1st
Study of 12C fragmentation for Hadrontherapy Didier Juliani 1st
Nuclear effects in production of hadrons off nuclei. Michal Krelina 1st
Study of the collective modes of excitations in 140Ce using inelastic scattering of 17O Mateusz Krzysiek 1st
Description of light nuclei (8 < Z,N < 20) with the multiparticle-multihole Gogny energy density functional Julien Le Bloas 1st
Structure of 18,19B and 21,22C Sylvain Leblond 1st
Study of seniority isomeric states in nuclei near N=82 closed shell Romain Leguillon 1st
Reconstructing breakup at sub-barrier energies Duc Luong 1st
First results on the INDRA-VAMOS experiment Paola Marini 1st
Research on isotopic yield in the fission process of short lived actinides at the GSI facility Eric Pellereau 1st
Decay Heat Measurements of Fission Fragments using Total Absorption Gamma Ray Spectroscopy. Simon Rice 1st
'Unified treatment of long-range correlations beyond mean-field' Caroline Robin 1st
Study of the 13Be in the Maya active target Sara Sambi 1st
Development of MINOS, a target system for in-beam gamma spectroscopy with fast beams Clémentine  Santamaria 1st
Gamma ray spectroscopy of neutron rich nuclei in the vicinity of 132Sn produced by fission reaction Aurélie Vancraeyenest 1st

SESSION 2 (Monday 1 October 2012)

Tentative Title First Name Last Name Session
Study of the shape of beta spectra.   Charlène Bisch 2nd
Proton-neutron pairing and quartet correlations in N=Z nuclei Negrea Daniel Ciprian 2nd
Mesures de gamma prompts en provenance des expériences avec des détecteurs germanium. Etude des noyaux exotiques. Floriane Drouet 2nd
Thermodynamical properties of small  systems with a fixed number of Danilo Gambacurta 2nd
Study of proton-neutron pairing by transfer reaction Benjamin Lecrom 2nd
Study of the nuclear interactions for the weakly bound nucleus of 26F Alexandre Lepailleur 2nd
Response function of the magnetic spectrometer Prisma for the reaction 40Ar+208Pb Tea Mijatovic 2nd
Second-order equation of state with the full Skyrme interaction:toward new effective interactions for beyond mean-field models Kassem Moghrabi 2nd
Transfer reaction 72Zn(d,3He)71Cu Pierre Morfouace 2nd
Study of light neutron-rich nuclei via quasi-free scattering reactions Magdalena Mostazo 2nd
Study of reactions populating unbound states after one nucleon transfer for 7Li+ 89Y system around Coulomb barrier Sanat Pandit 2nd
Laser spectroscopy of K isotopes Jasna Papuga 2nd
Progressing towards the spectroscopy of heavier elements Julien Piot 2nd
Numerical calculation of the effective range parameters using the R-matrix
Oscar Ramirez 2nd
First prompt-gamma ray spectroscopy of a superheavy element Jérôme Rubert 2nd
Effect of pairing on the nuclear dynamic Guillaume Scamps 2nd
Experimental research of the tetrahedral structure in the nuclear chart Loïc Sengele 2nd
R&D for a new neutron time-of-flight array Matthieu Sénoville 2nd
Triaxialité et coexistence de forme dans les noyaux autour de la fermeture de couche N=82 zerrouki Thileli 2nd
Continuous wave formation of high intensity radioactive beams from EBIS Emil Traykov 2nd
Development and Use of an Active Scintillating Target for Fission Study Sylvain Vayre 2nd
Beta decay for nuclear data improvement and reactor decay heat prediction Abdoul-Aziz Zakari 2nd

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